The Many Ways in Which the Internet Hurts Us

There are many things wrong with the way the internet is designed today. Most of them you’re probably already well aware of:

  • Recommendation systems, auto play, and endless scrolling features which encourage excessive usage
  • Notifications systems which encourage Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) while also keeping us hooked by feeding us a false sense of self-importance
  • Various statistics such as likes, views, karma, retweets, reblogs, and more, which manipulate how we interpret our own value as well as others value. We just can’t stop chasing the highs (literally)
  • Hot and cold content which keeps us always looking for the next high. It’s like gambling, but instead of losing your money, you lose all your time. And there’s no way to get back lost time.
  • Calculated arrangements of words and images composed by content creators to manipulate us into looking at “just one more” Reddit post, YouTube video, Facebook post, you name it

But there are also many other things wrong with the internet. This refers to how people conduct themselves on the internet:

  • Group think encouraged by websites which encourage us to stick to our own rather than learn about the other side. In its most extreme form, a delusional echo-chamber of hatred and misinformation may lead someone to believe in a completely false perception of reality
  • Ruthless exchanges of comments we would never make in real life, due to the fact that all online communication occurs behind a screen (often anonymously). There is no accountability for our actions anymore
  • Inflated self-cultivated online personas that are far off from who we are in real life, because excellence is so common place online that we don’t think we have any other option. We could be breaking down, while simultaneously sharing snippets of the “happy times” of our life

Here at Heart Filled Tech, we look at the whole picture when it comes to overcoming unhealthy technology habits. Sure, it steals our time but, what about the other things it takes from us? Why do we feel less valuable when our first post gets 100 likes, but the next one we post 5 hours later only gets 15? Nothing about who we are changed within that 5 hour time interval, so why the sudden change of heart?

Developing healthy technology habits also involves improving our emotional relationship with technology. Why do our devices hurt us? Why do we use our devices to hurt others? Here, the answers to these questions are of equal importance to those concerning time management.

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