How to Effectively Use This Website

There is an age-old story regarding internet addicts that I do not want to be repeated over here at Heart Filled Tech. It goes a little like this:

  • Internet addict realizes that they are addicted to the internet
  • Internet addict consults the internet to find resources to help them overcome their addiction
  • Internet addict finds online forum(s) for internet addicts with bits of valuable information scattered all over the forum
  • Internet addict gets happy because internet addict has found people like themselves
  • Internet addict spends all their time on the forum looking for these little bits of valuable information scattered all over the forum. Internet addict feels validated and forms close friendships with people on the forum
  • Internet addict gets addicted to the online forum(s) due to the inherently addictive design of all internet forums
  • Internet addict never moves on from the internet
  • Internet addict never overcomes internet addiction

If you at any time feel addicted to this blog, I urge you to contact me detailing exactly what unwanted behaviours my blog is coaxing you into and I will try my best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. What makes the internet addictive isn’t so much the internet itself, but rather how it’s designed.

Another way I try to prevent this from happening is by including a printer friendly version of the blog post at the bottom of each post. You can then proceed to download and/or print off multiple posts at once and read them offline.

Once you’ve acquired an offline version of the blog post, I highly recommend that you highlight key points from the blog post and then come up with at least ONE action you can take from the knowledge you acquired from the post and then perform that action sometime within 24-hours of reading the blog post.

You won’t get any results without taking action. I repeat, YOU WON’T GET ANY RESULTS WITHOUT TAKING ACTION. Getting dirty, gets results.

Finally, I recommend that you only view content that is directly related to the problems you are attempting to solve right now. There will be a variety of posts touching different aspects of technology addiction and other unhealthy tech habits. To cut time, make use of the search bar (should be somewhere near the bottom or top of each page) and the Categories page. Focus on the content that’s most relevant to you.

Printer Friendly Version

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