Accessing HeartFilledTech Offline

Are you aware that you can have access to all Heart Filled Tech content offline? If not, now you know. In this post, I’m going to outline all the ways you can achieve this offline freedom.

Why This Feature is Necessary

Given that often developing healthy technology habits involves also lessening the amount of time we spend using technology per day, I’ve taken time to think about how I can design this website to be as portable as possible. By portable I mean that you, the reader, have different options for viewing the content other than within a browser. It’s important to me that my blog only empowers you to develop healthy technology habits rather than hold you back. If you haven’t checked it out already, I’ve written a post outlining some tips I believe will help you get the most out of this blog.

Accessing Individual Blog Posts

A while back I ran a little self-experiment which involved me committing to not using the internet within the comfort of my own home for an entire month. During this experiment, I realized the power of downloading and then printing off webpages for offline consumption. I also learned that most webpages are NOT printer friendly. I’ve attempted to save you from the frustration I experienced by providing you with a Printer Friendly Version of each blog post which you can access for offline use. The link to the Printer Friendly Version of a blog post is included at the bottom of each post. I’ve included a screenshot of how this link looks below.

offline hft


As of now, I have decided not to include any non-essential images and links in these offline versions. If you believe there would be value in including these features, please let me know either through my Contact page or the comment section below and I will change the setup.

Using Google Docs Offline

Besides simply downloading or printing off my blog posts, I recently learned that there exists a Chrome extension which allows people to view Google Docs content offline. You can download it here.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Next week, I will be going over the key ideas you’ll need to solve the first problem outlined in my previous blog post called What Overcoming Internet Addiction Actually Looks Like. See you all next week and have a great weekend!

Printer Friendly Version

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