When to Expect New Blog Posts

After working on this blog for a little over 2 weeks, I’ve determined a publishing schedule which fits well into my life.

You can expect new blogs posts either on Mondays or Thursdays or BOTH!

Given I’m a full-time upper level Computer Science student, I’ve chosen this schedule to allow myself some flexibility. I know I can definitely get out at least 1 blog post per week but ideally I’ll be able to upload 2!

There may be some miscellaneous posts published outside of that schedule, like this one, but otherwise you can expect to have at least ONE blog post to devour and immediately implement in your real life each week!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming this Monday:

To take back control over how much time we spend looking at screens, we have to take back control over when we START using the device (The Starting Problem) and also when we STOP using the device (The Stopping Problem).

First, we need to be aware of when the negative behaviour is about to begin. After that, I’d recommend you ask yourself some of the following questions…

The Stopping Problem is similar to the Starting Problem in that self-awareness is once again going to be your best friend here. Unfortunately, when you’re caught in a trance like state, it’s unlikely you’re going to notice you’ve gone too far.

Your best bet is to simply try to take full advantage of the moments when your attention naturally breaks from the screen…

See you Monday!

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