I believe everyone has something invaluable to offer to this world. From developing the next breakthrough medical technology to simply lending a helping hand to someone in need, but there’s ONE MAJOR PROBLEM holding us back, holding YOU back: We’re ALL addicted to technology!

Currently, the resources for solving this problem are scattered all over the internet, tucked away in super long books, or saved exclusively for those who have the means (read: money) to actually get help.

I want to solve this problem by creating a home base for all your technology addiction needs: HeartFilledTech.com

You can expect new blogs posts either on Mondays or Thursdays or BOTH!

About The Author


authorHi! My name is Cherise. I’m a 3rd year Computer Science student studying in Toronto, Canada. When I was a child, Mom and Dad always told me drugs and alcohol were bad for me, so I stayed away from them. Unfortunately, no one told me about the dangers of technology so by the time I reached the age of 14, I was a full blown addict. Back then, around 2011, most people were uneducated on the concept of technology addiction, so for a long time I just thought that there was something wrong with me. Now, society is waking up to the dangers of unethically designed technology and I wish to contribute to finding a solution to the problem. I hope this blog can help make your road to healthy technology habits a little bit easier!